Being visible on the web can either help or hurt you during your job search. It is important to have an online presence; however you should be cognizant of the information that is viewable by the public. Start by running a few Google searches of your name and see what information pops up. You may need to modify your content, pictures or posts before you officially begin searching for a new job. Anything you don’t want viewed by the public should be made private.

LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are some of the more popular social media tools that people are using to stay connected. These sites can also be valuable resources for finding a new job. LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional networking sites that is utilized by candidates and employers. To expand your digital footprint you should start by setting up a detailed profile on LinkedIn. Include brief statements about your work experience and implement key words regarding your skill set and expertise. You can include a profile picture as well, though it should be appropriate and professional. Once your profile is complete you can then start reaching out to individuals that you want to include in your network.

To achieve the best results with these sites you need to maintain an active presence by keeping your profile up to date.